This is the first project of Roha builders in Roha. Partners & associates has done many successful residential projects at Roha in the past. They have created housing society for more than 100 families in heart of Roha City. It is populary known as Roha Suncity Garden. Our projects are clean and eco friendly. Our strict quality control and supervision helps us to complete the projects thereby providing affordable housing to the public of Roha city.

Our current project Suncity Riveria reflects a pure combination of technology, trends and aspirations. The dream homes associated with this project are luxurious and modern by incorporating the designs and exceptions of tomorrow. Through thoughtful attention to space planning and design aesthetics, we strive to create the ‘better home’ for all of our clients. Today, some of the most reputed international architects, planners and consultants have been recruited in recent projects to deliver what one would call the most ‘futuristic and beautiful homes’ now made available to mankind.