Things to do in Roha

Things to do in Roha

Roha is not just close to the city of Bombay, but has several attractions to offer by itself.

Dhavir Temple: Roha is well known for its Dhavir Temple. DhavirMaharaj is the principle deity of Roha. Every year, Navaratri is celebrated in a grand manner in the temple and a procession takes place on the tenth day (Dussehra). The celebration is quite a spectacle and is one you should not miss.

Hanuman Tekadi: There is a beautiful Hanuman temple built at the top of a hill that trekkers love to hike up (one hour long). The top of the hill provides panoramic views of the entire nature rich city of Roha.

White water rafting on the Kundalika: The Kundalika is a river originating in the Sahyadri that meets its end in the Arabian Sea, which flows through Roha. With Kolad located just fifteen minutes away, this river is a popular destination for white water rafting lovers. The place also offers a myriad of adventure sports besides rafting such as kayaking, boating, river crossing, and paragliding. The thrill of these sports will make you want to go back every weekend.

Raigad Fort: Roha is a city for historians and history lovers alike. The Raigad fort is only a half an hour drive from the heart of Roha city. Visit it and experience history come alive in the corridors.

Murud Janjira Beach: Murud is a beach located just an hour out of Roha. Buses ply frequently between the two cities. The Murud Janjira Fort is located on a massive oval rock in the port city of Murud. The Murud Fort has mammoth walls and boundaries surrounding it. The fort is surrounded by 19 round bastions that are still intact. It is known to be an unconquerable structure, as the attempts of Portugese, Dutch and British invaders to capture this apocalyptic fort went in vain. Even Shivaji could not defeat and capture Murud Fort. At Murud, one may also visit the Kasa Fort, built by Shivaji’s son Shambhaji.

Murud is also home to a famous beach with pristine water, greenery and beautiful sandy shores. Thus, one may lie down and enjoy the kiss of the ocean after a long day spent delving into our country’s rich past.

Kashid Beach: Again, located an hour out of Roha, this beach is considered one of the best beaches in the Konkan region.Kashid beach is known for its white sands, blue water, gushing streams, lakes and lush greenery and hilly surroundings. The beach is a 3 kilometre long stretch of sparkling sand amidst two rocky hills.Casuarina groves line the entire seashore. The beach is not just a sunbather’s paradise, but its unusually high waves make it heaven for surfers in the non-monsoon months.

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary: This sanctuary located near Murud is the right place for you to whip out the binoculars you’ve been keeping untouched in your cupboard drawer. It’s a delight for wildlife enthusiasts and amateur or expert bird watchers. The thick jungle along with its diverse flora and fauna make it a perfect day excursion.

Rest assured that once at Roha, you will never spend a day complaining about boredom.