Flats in Roha

Flats in Roha

“We have homes, shops & plots for everyone’s needs from 1bhk to 2bhk with river view.”

Why Roha

Why Roha

“Roha is an upcoming mega city located just two hours from Mumbai. It’s close to city life, but is an oasis of natural beauty as it’s located between the banks of the Kundalika River and the hills of Kalasgiri. The Kundalikariver is gaining popularity due to the possibility of river rafting during certain months.”

Furthermore, Roha is a fifteen minute drive from Kolad where one can enjoy the day kayaking, river crossing or paragliding & other adventure sports. More…

Development in Roha

Development in Roha

“Huge infrastructure projects are coming up near Roha are enhancing connectivity as well as creating business and employment opportunities. Prominent among these are the CST to Roha direct train, Nhava-Sewri Sealink, the Roha – Dighi Port Rail Project & the 5000 acre Technology Park & DMIC .”

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Our Team

Our team consists of ardent and experienced professionals and businessmen, united in the dream to provide top quality yet affordable lifestyles to people while keeping in mind the bigger picture of development of society.

Future is Bright, Future is Roha

Roha is a beautiful city located just 120 Km from Mumbai. It is best suited for couples who wants to start a new life in the lap of nature. Roha is very well connected from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai by means of road and rail transport. It is the best option to have your own Weekend homes very close to Mumbai. So if you are looking for a Property in Roha, your search ends here.
Fun Filled Weekend Homes Mumbai

Enjoy & Relax in Cool, Scenic Natural Environment.

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  • Testimonial

    Roha – Perfect place to relax over the weekend

    Manju Mohan, Lawyer, Arun Bldg - Mumbai

    After the hustle-bustle of Mumbai life, Roha seems like it is going to be my happy place. You can wake up to the sound of birds, look outside the window to see a calming stream flow by. What more could you want to help unwind and rejuvenate? Roha is the perfect place to relax over the weekend.

  • Testimonial

    My kids made me book a house in Roha, Raigad

    Ashutosh Shah, Businessman, Mumbai

    Roha Builders Suncity Project looks lovely. The construction is visually very appealing and there is a lot of space for my children to play, swim, learn a new sport etc. We all fell in love with the amenities, and that too just two hours from Mumbai. My kids made me book a house. They wouldn’t let me walk away from this lovely property, and I need to thank them for it.

  • Testimonial

    Loved it so much we had to make it our second home

    Vinay Khare, Partner of Khare Broking House - Navi Mumbai

    I took my family to Roha for a holiday. We loved it so much that we had to make it our second home. The natural beauty and the fun adventures that we can partake in while we’re there make it a top choice for our weekend home. We have booked our apartment and can’t wait to move in.

  • Testimonial

    Nature at its Best – Mountains & River

    Hrishikesh Deshmukh, Manager at TCS - Powai

    Its is a perfect natural habitat. After long hours of work we all need a break. Being very close to Mumbai I can come here for weekend fun with my close friends. This is the perfect place I always imagined.

  • Testimonial

    Roha is my Native Place – and I love it

    Gautam Watway, Photographer - Kandivali

    It is very emotional for me to have my dream home in my own native place ROHA. I made this investment for my future. When I retire I can pursue all my hobbies.

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If you are a Corporate, NRI or and Individual who wants to Invest in futuristic city like Roha than do not hesitate to touch base. We have many Lucarative projects and offers for Investors who are looking for safe and secure investment option. For continous growth and exapnsion We are always open for ideas & discussion. Currently we are looking for Investor for high end resort project.

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